Tip Tuesday - Tips to explore your Whiteboard capabilities!
April 27, 2023
Switching to Pencil Spaces: A guide for Zoom users

Integrating technology into the classroom is the future of education. Here are some of our best tips that prove a virtual Whiteboard has more to offer than the traditional physical Whiteboard:

Tip 1: Breakout Rooms

Enhance the capabilities of group work with Breakout Rooms!

With Breakout Rooms, students can collaborate in their own Space with their own Whiteboard and Whiteboard tools to get creative as a team. With an infinite Whiteboard that saves forever, the sparks flying in brainstorming can quickly turn into concrete ideas!

Tip 2: Formula Editor

Everyone can write neat equations with the help of the Formula Editor!

Do you suffer from messy handwriting? Our Formula Editor is for you! No matter how illegible you believe your handwriting is, our Formula Editor will take your chicken scratch and turn it into beautifully written equations that can be placed directly onto the Whiteboard.

Tip 3: App Screenshots

Freeze a moment of collaboration with Apps Screenshots!

With so much happening in collaborative Apps, sometimes you just want to pause and capture the moment. And you can! Take an App Screenshot that will directly place the image on your Whiteboard. Go in with your Whiteboard tools and interact with them like any other object on your board!