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Love Spaces? Bring it to your app!
Add video calls and whiteboarding functionality to your application in no time.
Create and manage Spaces
You’re in control. Set participant restrictions, manage user access, and much more
Seamlessly schedule events
We’ll take care of invitation emails, calendar invitations, and reminders for your events
Session analytics (Coming soon!)
Track user attendance and access analytics on participant engagement during calls
Plans and Pricing
Admin API
Ideal for admins of existing Pencil teams who want to programmatically manage their team's Spaces
Authorization: API Token
Start managing your team’s Spaces in just 5 minutes
Generous call and cloud storage quota based on your team's  plan on Spaces (see FAQ for details)
Overages at $0.0036 / per participant minute
Overages at $0.05 / GB / month for cloud storage
Bulk pricing available. Contact us for details
Builder API
Ideal for developers looking to manage Spaces on behalf of their application's users
Authorization: OAuth
With permission, manage any user’s Spaces on their behalf
$0.0036 / per participant minute
$0.05 / GB / month for cloud storage
Bulk pricing available. Contact us for details
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to be a Spaces premium user to use these APIs?

Our Admin API is only available to teams on a paid plan, but our Builder API can be used independently of a paid plan

How are payments processed?

We aggregate usage and bill on a monthly basis. You have full visibility of your usage via our API dashboard. For payment, we accept a number of common payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard.

Admin API: What quota am I entitled to?

As per our standard pricing, each paid seat is entitled to a generous 15,000 participant minutes per month and 100 GB of cloud storage, suitable for the vast majority of use-cases. If you have multiple hosts on your plan, usage will be pooled for your team.

Usage in Spaces created by the Admin API will be deducted from your quota, alongside standard usage. Additional usage will be billed with your monthly bill as per the overage pricing listed above. You can track your usage at any time by visiting your team's settings.

Builder API: Do my users need to be in the same team as me?

No, your users do not need to be part of the same team as you. However, your users will need to have an account with Pencil, and will need to have authorized you to use their account through the OAuth authorization flow.

Builder API: What happens if I serve a request on behalf of a user on a free plan?

Spaces managed through our API are treated as paid Spaces, and will not be subject to limitations, even if the user is not on a paid plan

Builder API: What happens if I serve a request on behalf of a user already in a paid team?

Our Builder API returns data as if your user directly made the same request. If a user is not authorized to make a particular request (e.g., deleting a Space when they have no permissions, or accessing attendance data when not a host), the API response will throw an error

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