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Elevate your work with Pencil Spaces.
#1 platform, boundless possibilities.
Designed to make online work better.
Active Presence Design
With Active presence design, make sure if everything is on track and whether teams are on the same page as everyone.
Standout Management
Share your work confidently with your team, superiors, or potential clients and get projects in the fast lane.
Everything In One Place
No more switching between different apps. Pencil Spaces brings to you everything you need to work remotely or hybrid.
Built by a team of technologists and builders from...
Built for fast-moving teams looking to get work done.
One-click access
One link to join and share your Space with others. Return to your Space with the same link and continue your conversation. No installation required.
Real-time connectivity
Bring teams together in real-time and enhance your meeting and sharing experience with no delays and clear communication.
Collaborative whiteboard
An expansive whiteboard where your team can brainstorm easily. With Unlimited saved boards you can sort, search and revisit all your Spaces to keep the productivity going.
‘True’ leader mode
“All eyes on deck!" - Take the lead and get everyone’s attention on the same space to maximize collaboration. It’s like screen sharing, but so much more.
Format-friendly upload
The infinite canvas is a great place to share PDFs, videos, images, GIFs and more. Just drag and drop directly to the space and engage participants with different media. You can even embed videos from Youtube onto the space.
Google Calendar support
Sync your Spaces sessions to Google Calendar. Create events with auto-generated Spaces links, get reminders, invite participants, and set-up recurring events associated with the same Space.
Get everyone on the same page
Advanced tools for sharing and collaborating online.
Get started
Enterprise-grade platform with fast-growing tools for your every need.
Engage your students with the modern digital classroom. Import your favourite content, collaborate with students on a call, and direct their attention all from one app.
Collaboratively problem-solve and share ideas with your clients in-person or remotely. Return to the same Space in later meetings to build-upon previous discussions.
Product Management
Crystallize your vision for a product feature with the whiteboard. Invite engineers, PMs, and designers to your Space to discuss and iterate your ideas together.
Conduct interactive interviews, screen resumes collaboratively, and run hiring meetings in one place. Pencil makes the interview process easier and more fun!
Human Resources
Enhance employee onboarding and training. Run interactive icebreakers, annotate over training material, and spotlight speakers. Make onboarding memorable and engaging!
Customer Service
Troubleshoot issues in real time. Share your screen, upload support documentation, and direct their attention to resolve customer issues faster and more seamlessly.
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