Teachers get
more done with
Pencil Spaces

Here's why...

Improve your productivity with countless more teaching tools, all on one webpage.
Pencil Spaces is packed with features to give you a best-in-class online whiteboard experience
Real-Time Whiteboard Collaboration
Unlimited Video Calling
Record Session + Screen
Simultaneous Multi-person screen sharing
24/7 Free Help & Support
In-app Scheduling
Convert Handwriting to Math equations
Upload PDFs
Built-in Graphing Calculator
Presenter / Host Controls
Native Video Player
Whiteboard Commenting
Whiteboard Templates
Interactive Widgets
Do more in your online classroom with all the tools you need to teach online.
Built-in Recording
Record your screen, board, and meeting. Save your entire session to review later or share with others.
Low-Latency Screen Sharing
Easily share content and engage your team with high quality screen sharing.
Unlimited Video Calling
Engage with your class face to face.
No additional tabs. No distractions.
Get all the tools you need on one webpage.
Graphing Calculator
With our built-in graphing calculator, create complex graphs and screenshot them onto your board - without changing tabs!
Easy Host Controls
Pause/Lock your participant’s editing permissions with one button
Math Formula Editor
Hand-draw your math formulas and embed nicely formatted equations on your board.
Live Customer Support
Click the help button to get an immediate response from our team, available 24/7.
Leader Mode
Bring attention of your class to your view with one click without sacrificing collaboration. It's like screen sharing, but so much better.
Language Localization
Teach in any language you want, Pencil Spaces was built with multiple language support.