Tutoring management
made simple.

Pencil combines every aspect of your business in a single, unified platform that just works.
Pencil Spaces: Digital Classrooms made simple. Award winning tools for teaching online, in-person and everything in between.
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Pencil was built alongside tutoring providers streamline their operations from boutique companies, to large franchises, to school districts.
How does Pencil aggregate the data you need? How does it make everything so simple?
It combines all the tools you need, so you can focus on growing while we
coordinate all the moving parts.
Fully Configurable
Every tutoring provider is different. Pencil makes it quick and easy to create a system geared to how you work. Let us make the right system for you, or link Pencil to your existing systems with our API.
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Smart Scheduling
Whether your staff handles scheduling or students schedule themselves, Pencil handles the calendar, reminders and can even match tutors with the best tutor for them.
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Worry-free Cancellations
Never worry about tutor cancellations again. If a tutor can’t make it to class, Pencil will alert your staff, suggest alternative tutors and can even automatically route students to a qualified substitute or alternative class.
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Built-in Virtual Classroom
Where we started, the award winning Pencil Spaces. In-person or online, Spaces provides video calling, saved whiteboards, breakout rooms, access to all your favorite curricula, unparalleled tools for hands-on, interactive, learning, and so much more.
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Tracking and Reporting
Create usage reports – from attendance to participation. We track the stats required for school reporting, the data you need for business operations like billing, the key metrics to evaluate efficacy, and all the info that parents love to see.
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Account Management
Add accounts or link your current SIS, LMS or rostering tool via API. Then, see what all your students and tutors are doing at a glance. Manage hours, activities, and access from a single dashboard – or, control it all through automation by setting workflow logic.
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Quick Comparison
Choosing your Tutoring Management System is an important decision. But it's not a hard decision.

Here’s how we stack up against some of the other options in the market:
Virtual classroom
Analytics for billing
Analytics for payroll
Easy of use
High performance
Built in LMS
Smart cancellation manager
Smart matching
Tutor coach
Breakout rooms
App library
Math tools
SOC2 Compliance