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Deliver engaging lessons in our virtual classroom, automate operations, and keep everyone safe and compliant.
Pencil Spaces: Digital Classrooms made simple. Award winning tools for teaching online, in-person and everything in between.

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Because current virtual tools were built for corporate businesses (not teachers and kids), online tutoring is tough.

Screen sharing multiple tabs and apps creates a classroom full of distractions.

Managing spreadsheets and coordinating schedules takes time you don't have.

Existing options can’t guarantee student safety and privacy, so you could be liable for privacy mistakes.

Get the perfect place to teach and manage operations with Pencil Spaces.

Empower tutors with a hands-on learning environment.

Pencil Spaces provides a virtual classroom with all the benefits of a physical one.

Leader Mode

Easily control what students see at all times by turning on Leader Mode, which spotlights your view of the whiteboard for everyone.

Tools made for every class

Choose from a variety of apps for math, science, and other subjects

Shareable Web Viewer

Let every user access the same website or app just like it’s on their own computer.

Schedule students and track their progress all in one place.

No need for multiple platforms—Pencil Spaces allows you to seamlessly handle everything in one solution.

Scheduling and Attendance

Manage appointments and automatically track attendance without back-and-forth emails or cumbersome spreadsheets.

Track Engagement

Keep track of student participation, attendance and attention, all in one app.

Session Feedback

Pencil Spaces helps teachers improve through AI-powered feedback.

The safest place to tutor

Rest easy knowing you’ve covered all the bases when it comes to privacy and online safety. Pencil Spaces includes safeguarding features for everyone.

The Highest Standards in Compliance


Illicit Content Blocking

We proactively block profanity and slurs.

Teacher Verification

We run background checks on teachers.

Need tech support in the middle of a lesson?

We’re here for you live, 24/7.

Just click a button in the app for support from a real human. We’ll even join your class to help.
Zoom and Google Meet are so limited. On Pencil Spaces, you can share any resource and have the tutor and student both use it. I’m sold on Pencil Spaces’ ability to enhance the instructional experience.

Find your ideal tutoring space with Pencil Spaces.