Digital Classrooms made simple.

Award winning tools for teaching online, in-person and everything in between.
Teach more, work less.
Active Presence Design
See everything students do in real-time, from moving their cursor to typing a sentence. With Spaces, it’s easy to tell exactly where everyone is, whether you’re in-class or in-person.
Classroom Management
Lead your class confidently with the ability to control what they see, hear and access at a granular level. Perfect for teaching large groups or one-on-one.
Distraction-less teaching
Stop switching between tabs and apps. Pencil Spaces puts all your calls, whiteboards, documents, experiments, interactive quizzes, calculators and more  in one place.
Simple for teachers. Simple for students.
One-click access
One click to share. One click to join.
Nothing to download, nothing to install.
A classroom in a single tab
From calculators, to video calls, to quizzes, it’s all here. With a complete digital classroom neither you, nor your students, will need to open a new tab again... or worse, a phone.
Unlimited whiteboard
Unlimited canvas, unlimited boards, unlimited saved work, unlimited participants, unlimited uploads, and more. It’s the only whiteboard with unlimited everything.
‘True’ leader mode
With Leader Mode, students see what you see, and follow wherever you go. Whether you're working on the whiteboard or focusing on faces in the gallery, you get all the control of screen share with all the interactivity of a collaborative space.
Upload anything
Share PDFs, videos, images, GIFs and more. Just drag and drop to create multimedia presentations and engaging classes. Upload videos, exercises or essays - then draw all over them and revisit your work anytime!
Google Calendar support
Sync your Spaces sessions to your Google Calendar. Create events with auto-generated Spaces links, get reminders, invite students and setup recurring classes.
Get everyone on the same page
Advanced tools for sharing and collaborating online.
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Education Bundle
Pencil Digitization transforms your existing library into digital content with endless possibilities.
1-Click Materials
Host practice sessions on Spaces and add your favourite teaching content to your Spaces with just one click. Say goodbye to importing PDFs!
Searchable Courses Library
Pencil comes preloaded with hundreds of thousands of questions, panning across different courses and exams. Search and create teaching materials.
Learning Management System
Pencil comes integrated with all your teaching materials and scheduling tools, creating a fully asynchronous experience so you can teach more while working less.
Adhoc Worksheets
Create personalized worksheets and quizzes for each student and help them progress towards mastery of the subject.
Calculator, Graphs, and more to help you out during these classroom sessions. Pencil Spaces also supports Pencil Cam, a visualizer designed for online teaching.
Breakdown each student's actions and journey to get an idea of their growth and how you can further contribute to their development.
Loved by thousands of users around the world
Everything you need, all in one place.
We were looking for a digital place to store all our learning experiences and found Pencil. It helps teachers keep track of all their jobs and activities, and enables them to share and collaborate with co-teachers in real-time.
Better teaching tools, online and off.
The whiteboard is way beyond anything else I’ve used, and managing breakout rooms is so much better. But I’m really excited about the whiteboard tools that improve live teaching in the classroom.
Helpful resources brought by an AI librarian
The automatic content suggestions are great. By finding resources on what you’re teaching, both in your own materials and on the web, Pencil basically halves your work and doubles your library for free.
Smart systems for smart teaching
Pencil’s integrated systems create a picture of the whole student. It amplifies the capabilities of teachers, meets students where they are, and helps families support learning at home, while providing the insights that administrators crave.
1-Click Materials
Pencil makes it easy for me to connect with students...I can focus on them because everything I need to teach is already there.
A classroom in a single tab
Pencil makes class much more interactive. Students are more engaged and learn faster, I love it!