Simple plans. Simple prices.
Ideal for individuals who want to try Spaces or use it for 1-1 calls
Unlimited collaborative whiteboards
60 minute call limit
1,000 minutes of calls per month
Record calls to your device
Early bird
Ideal for small organisations who want more advanced features
Unlimited collaborative whiteboards
Access to Pencil schedule with Google Calendar integration
Record calls to your device or to the cloud
15,000 minutes of calls per month per paid seat
100GB of cloud storage per paid seat
Additional minutes charged at $0.002/minute
Additional cloud storage charged at $0.05/GB/month
Many exciting new features coming soon!
Ideal for organisations with 100+ individuals (e.g., schools)
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Everything in our early bird plan
No call or storage limitations
Bundles and services
Education Bundle
Pencil's advanced CMS and educator tools helps educators manage their teaching material and create more engaging Spaces experiences for interactive learning. All material ingested into Spaces can be imported directly into Spaces.
Free for now
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Content Digitization
Turn your teaching material into a digital textbook. Send us your content, and we'll digitize it for you.

This requires a subscription to the Education Bundle.
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Add the power of Pencil Spaces to your application in seconds with our flexible API.
Priced on usage
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started with Pencil Spaces?

When you sign-up to Pencil Spaces, for a limited time only, we'll automatically add you to our Early Bird plan. This plan is designed to give you everything you need to start collaborating online, whether you're looking to tutor, run work meetings, or just catch-up with friends. Sign-up now to get access to this limited-time early bird offer! If you're part of a larger organization and want more advanced features, reach-out to us about our Enterprise plan.

What is a host account? How do host accounts work?

When you create a Space as a host account, you create a Space without any of the Starter plan limits. All call minutes and storage usage on this Space is deducted from your quota. In the near future, you'll be able to create a team in Spaces, where you can combine multiple paid seats into a single bill. Usage quotas are pooled, so a team of 2 paid seats will collectively have access to 30,000 minutes of calls per month and 200GB of cloud storage.

How are call minutes and storage calculated?

Call minutes start being counted when you click "Join Call" in Spaces, and end when you end the call or leave the Space. Minutes are counted for each participant on the call. For example, if 3 participants join a call for 1 hour, then that counts as 3*60 = 180 minutes. Storage is calculated against any content that you upload to Spaces (e.g., PDFs) as well as any cloud recordings you save.

How can I view my call minute and storage usage?

It's currently not possible to view your remaining call / storage quota. We will contact you if you exceed your limit to discuss moving you to one of our Enterprise plans.

Do I have to enter my credit card details to sign-up?

No credit card details are required. Just sign-up and Voilà! You’re good to go.

Does everyone need an account to collaborate on Pencil Spaces?

Yes, but you can easily create an account using your Google account in seconds! We also support email and Facebook login.

Is this a trial and will I be automatically charged when it ends?

This is not a trial! Our Early Bird plan is currently free for everyone - however, we may choose to adjust our pricing in the future. If that is the case, we'll let you know, and if you don't feel like staying on this plan, we'll automatically move you to our Starter plan.

How do I change my plan? How do I access bundles and services?

Currently we enroll everyone into our Early Bird plan. If you're part of a large organisation or if you'd like access to the Education Bundle, please contact us.

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