Move your Boards across Breakout Rooms!
May 8, 2023
Switching to Pencil Spaces: A guide for Zoom users

Get more out of your Breakout Rooms by transporting your Boards from Room to Room. Just click and drag boards from one room to another, then send your students to Breakout Rooms with a Board perfectly laid out for the task ahead!

Moving your Boards is perfect when you want to:

  1. Move classwork to breakout groups: After working on boards with the entire class, move students together with the boards they’ve been using.

  1. Have your students present their work to the class: Once your students have laid out their work on the Whiteboard in their Breakout Room, bring them back to the Main Room with their Board and have them present their ideas to their peers.

  1. Perform assessments: Prep assessments for your students on an individual Board in your Main Room, then send each student to a Breakout Room with their Board to complete their task.

Learn more about Moving Boards here!

Protip: Clone the boards in one room, then move them to other rooms for quick setup!