Find lesson materials FAST with Board Search!
April 27, 2023
Product Update
Switching to Pencil Spaces: A guide for Zoom users

Spaces just became easier to navigate with Board Search. Pull up past lesson content in an instant by searching for Boards by name in your Space.

Never lose a moment searching for past lesson material. With Board Search, you can create a separate Board for every lesson, and look back at any time without having to scroll through your Boards to find the right lesson.

Board Search will help you:

  1. Keep your Space organized. Keep lesson content separated on their own individual boards without worrying that they’ll get lost in the clutter. 
  2. Spend less time searching for past lesson material.
  3. Make it easier for students to look back and find previous lesson content.

Learn how to search for your Boards by name here!

Protip: Continue to keep your Space organized by renaming your Boards to the date your lesson took place.