No More Interruptions with Advanced Noise Cancellation!

Pencil Spaces Team
March 13, 2024

Background noise can be extremely distracting and disruptive when on a video call. With Advanced Noise Cancellation on every call, you'll hear everything said online as if it was in-person.

Say goodbye to annoying background noise, muffled words and constant fiddling with the mute button. In Pencil Spaces, all calls include Advanced Noise Cancellation for a smooth audio experience every time.

Here's how Advanced Noise Cancellation helps your online classroom:
1. Reduce distractions by eliminating background noise when teachers or students speak.
2. Enhance audio quality in the classroom for clear, easy to hear conversations.
3. Simplify classroom management with no more muting and unmuting participants because of annoying noises.

Learn how to adjust your Noise Cancellation settings here!

Protip: Looking for other ways to optimize your online calling in Pencil? Be sure to open up the video and audio settings before starting a call to discover additional ways to improve the quality of your online calls.

Pencil Spaces Team
March 13, 2024

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