Turn books

into bytes

Pencil Digitization transforms your existing library into digital content with endless possibilities.

step 1

Decide what you want digitized

Quizzes, worksheets, diagrams, handwritten notes -- Pencil will turn all of it into beautiful digital content that’s easy to search, save and share.

step 2

Send your content to Pencil

Have a few items? Just email over the photos or files. Digitizing entire books? Mail them to us and we’ll do the rest.

step 3

Receive your Pencil digital library

When everything’s entered you’ll get your Pencil digital library organized and ready to use.

Go digital faster than you can say “click”
Getting organized online has never been easier!
truly digitize

Digital isn’t just docs

Have questions turned into a searchable question bank. Have photos and figures turned into vector graphics that look great no matter how much you zoom in or out.

control access

Securely share your content

Share your content with others, or open your library to the world -- with bank-grade security, you decide who can access your content and what stays private.

Pencil makes digital easy!

Powerful search

Find anything with powerful search and customizable filters.

Instant question bank

Pencil adds any questions in your content to an interactive bank.

Simple sharing

Share access to content with links or QR codes.

Easy edit

Edit or add content with tools built for educators

One-click materials

Turn your question bank into online quizzes or paper printouts with one click.

Cloud file storage

Everything you send gets backed up in your online hand drive

The best home for educational content
Pencil teleports all your content online. No fuss, no mess.

You're in luck!

Our best price ever (for early bird users)!

Education Bundle
per team, charged on top of your current plan
$0.50 per question ingested
$0.50 per page of text ingested
Includes vector graphics of all diagrams
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Team plan
per user
Everything in Free, plus...
Unlimited video call time
Private Spaces
Participant Management
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Answers to some common queries.

Can I have my content added to another system?

Currently we are only able to add content to the Pencil content management system.

Is Pencil an LMS?

Yes. Pencil is a full CMS as well as an LMS which includes scheduling, messaging, and student tracking tools. Get a demo at pencilapp.com.

How much does Pencil cost? Is there a limit on users?

Pencil costs $5/mo for each admin account, plus the cost of digitizing content which is $.043/question and $.050 for a page of text.

Additional users are free up to 50 non-administrator accounts.

Does Pencil provide analytics on my content?

Pencil provides two types of analytics.

First it provides analytics on content usage including the answers students give to questions, the number of times a question is used, how often a question is answered correctly, etc.

It also provides analytics on the distribution of your content. For example, how much content you have in a specific topic or sub-topic, and whether that content is easy or difficult.

Can I export my content in Pencil?

Once digitized, Pencil can provide a "database dump" of all the content that was entered.

Still have questions?

It's like a bookshelf. Only better.
Unleash your creativity and productivity!