Learn how
Pencil Spaces
beats Adobe Connect

Brings students and teachers together, anytime,
anywhere, all on one webpage.
Get access to everything in Adobe Connect, along with so much more!
Real-Time Whiteboard Collaboration
Unlimited Whiteboarding
Collaborative Web Viewer
Top-Tier Classroom Management Tools
Pop-Out Videos
Selective Recording
Personal Learning Tools
Private Boards
Google Suite, Microsoft 365 & AI Integration
Simultaneous Multi-Person Screen Sharing
Convert Handwriting To Equations
Auto-Saving Boards
Built-In Question Bank
24/7 Free Help & Support
Do more in your online classroom with all the tools you need to teach online.
Unlimited Saved Whiteboards
Though your boards disappear once you leave a session on Adobe Connect, your boards will be saved automatically in Pencil Spaces. Return to the same Space later to build-upon previous discussions.
Web Viewer
Use the Web Viewer to bring any external website into a Space, creating the perfect opportunity for group learning and virtual field trips!
Google Suite & MS 365 Integration
Using iFrames, students and educators can now work collaboratively to edit essays, create tables, or build presentations in either of their preferred app systems — all inside a Space!
No additional tabs. No distractions.
Instead of juggling multiple panels and displays, you get all the essentials from Pencil Spaces toolbars.
Graphing Calculator
With our built-in graphing calculator, create complex graphs and screenshot them onto your board - without changing tabs!
Easy Host Controls
Protect your work from unwanted changes. Pause/Lock your participant’s editing permissions with one button.
Math Formula Editor
Hand-draw your math formulas and embed nicely formatted equations on your board.
Live Customer Support
Click the help button to get an immediate response from our team, available 24/7.
Leader Mode
Bring attention of your class to your view with one click without sacrificing collaboration. It's like screen sharing, but so much better.
Language Localization
Teach in any language you want, Pencil Spaces was built with multiple language support.