Resizable Chat Sidebar and Video Call Tower!
April 27, 2023
Product Update
Switching to Pencil Spaces: A guide for Zoom users

One of the best parts of Pencil Spaces is that it puts everything you need for teaching in one place – including a whiteboard with integrated chat and video calling. But, it can be hard fitting everything you need on screen at the same time, and opening chat and starting video calls used to mean losing valuable whiteboard space. But with the new resizable chat and video call sidebars, you can customize your Space however you like!

How will a resizable chat sidebar and video call tower help your online classroom?

Questions during lessons can come up at any time. With our resizable chat sidebar, teachers can keep the conversation going by keeping the chat sidebar open throughout the lesson, allowing them to monitor the chat, while still having enough space to continue teaching!

With our resizable video call sidebar, you no longer have to worry about being able to use the whiteboard with larger classroom sizes. Now, you have up to 16 participant video feeds on a whiteboard at once, giving you a better view of your entire class. Just click and drag the left-hand corner of the video sidebar to expand it and more faces (or to quickly shrink the size of videos and add more work area).