A workspace where your team can

collaborate online

Pencil Spaces give hybrid and remote teams everything they need for a productive meeting.


Video conferencing that eliminates video call fatigue

Bring frustration down and energy up with near-zero lag, crystal clear audio and an expansive collaborative space that just works.


Transform abstract ideas into concrete illustrations

Scribble, highlight, type and more. All the tools you need, to share all your thoughts online, with all your teammates.


Focus your team's attention, where it matters

"Leader mode" gets everyone on the same page without sacrificing collaboration. It's like screen sharing, but so much better.

Collaborate at the speed of thought
Remote teamwork has never been better. Or more fun!

Keep track of all the great ideas

Unlimited saved boards means youcan sort, search, and revisit all your Spaces to keep the productivity going.


Preserve your team's moment of genius

Create video recordings of team calls that are easy to share, and entirely secure, in your organization's shared Pencil drive.


Invite teammates or open your ideas to the public

Share your work with internal colleagues, or open your Space to the world -- with granular controls on who can post and edit.

It just works!

One-click join

No installs required, just a link.

Google Calendar Support

One place to view all your past and upcoming Spaces meetings.

PDF support

Embed PDFs into a board an collectively mark them up in the whiteboard.

Gesture recognition

Either raise your hand on camera or click 'raise hand'

Built-in scheduler

One place to view all your past and upcoming Spaces meetings.

Pencil Cam Integration

Link to our dedicated document viewer & livestream your physical desktop to a Space.

The best multiplayer office space
Pencil Spaces teleports everyone into the same space for real-time collaboration!
You're in luck!

It's all free (for early bird users)!

Basic plan
What's included...
45 min video call time
Whiteboard tools
Public spaces
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Early bird plan
per host
Everything in Free, plus...
Unlimited video call time
Private Spaces
Participant Management
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Answers to some common queries.

How long will the free promotion for "Team Plan" last?

We review our pricing on a monthly basis. To take advantage of this limited-time promotion, do sign up right now!

How is Pencil Spaces different from Zoom?

Yes. Pencil is a full CMS as well as an LMS which includes scheduling, messaging, and student tracking tools. Get a demo at pencilapp.com.

Can I use Pencil Spaces with other video call software like Zoom, Google Meet, etc?

While Pencil Spaces provide video conferencing solution out of the box, nothing stops you from using other software like Zoom while screen-sharing Pencil Spaces to take advantage of the other productivity features available.

What's the maximum number of people allowed in a Space?

Currently we don't set an arbitrary limit on the number of people allowed in a Space. However, the collaboration experience will differ depending on many factors, such as the hardware specification and bandwidth condition of each users, whether all have turned on video or sharing screen at the same time, etc. Our team has done extensive testing and have gotten very good result even with 50 people in a single Pencil Space.

How does Pencil Spaces protect the data that our team creates?

A Pencil Space can be set up as either Public or Private. In the case of Private spaces, the host can control who to invite and therefore have access to the collaborative work done by the team (which is stored permanently and therefore retrievable by users within the Private space).

Still have questions?

It's like Zoom. Only better.
Unleash your team's collective creativity and productivity!