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Elevate your teaching with Pencil.

Passive watching,
Active Learning!

Why use multiple apps when you can use just one? Say goodbye to distractions, and say hello to Pencil Spaces.

Collaborative Whiteboard

Collaborate in a ‘Space’, a digital classroom where teachers and students can engage in a lively learning environment.

Video Calling

Teach however you like with integrated video calling, for 1-on-1 sessions or larger-sized group classes.

Leader Mode

“Summon” students to the same view to gather the whole class’ attention.

Automatic Saving

Return to your Space whenever, and pick-up from where you left off! Spaces are saved, just like your documents.

Get everyone on the same page
Advanced tools for sharing and collaborating online.
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Teach how you want, no matter the format.

Teach on your terms - we’re here to cheer you on!

PDF Support

Bring PDF documents into your Space and review them with students.

Video, Images, GIFs

Found a great explainer video on YouTube or a brilliant math GIF on the web? Bring them into your Space to create an engaging learning experience.

Flexible screen-sharing

Multiple teachers or students can share their screens at the same time. Share a specific window, a browser tab, or your entire desktop.

Math Formula Editor

Convert your hand-drawn formulas or directly input LaTeX script and embed nicely formatted equations onto your Space.

Get everyone on the same page
Advanced tools for sharing and collaborating online.
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Teach with your content.

Bring all your favorite content into Spaces,  and teach it live.

Education Bundle
Create immersive content

Create engaging lessons with interactive questions and teaching materials, then import them into Spaces to help you teach.

Education Bundle
Profiles and Permissions

Add your students to your online courses, and choose which content they can see outside of your Spaces sessions.

Education Bundle
File Storage

Save documents, images, and video to the cloud. Import your files directly into Spaces.

Education Bundle

Record and save your Spaces sessions either locally or to the cloud.

All the teaching tools you’ll need.
Math? Physics? Chemistry? Languages? We’ve got you!
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